Saturday, May 28, 2011

OK, Wow!!! implementation...update

The last blog post (Complete Communities) just came out and it ended up being the cover for the FLITE magazine!!! 

A slightly revised version will be coming out as part of the summer issue of the ITE planning newsletter!!


I've had the chance to help edit the national ITE planning newsletter this time and I'm so pleased with how it's coming out.  We've got some really great articles about implementation strategies that help get communities to their vision in incremental steps they can start right now.  The changes may not happen fast, but they're happening and it's been wonderful to see people actively putting these ideas into practice. 

I have my site visit with the state uniform compliance program office this Tuesday--My DBE status should be around the corner any minute. 

I'll provide more helpful content in a week or two.  I've got some thoughts percolating about performance measures...