Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Another cool intersection painting project!

Tampa's first painted street mural — at the corner of N River Boulevard and W Louisiana Avenue — was finished on Saturday afternoon by neighborhood kids and parents and supervised by the artist who created the image, Catherine Thomas of St. Petersburg, pictured at left. Photos by SCOTT PURKS   |   Special to the Times
Seminole Heights Painted Intersection, Tampa Bay Times

I love these!  This is traffic calming at its best!

Painted Intersections are the incredible!  The draw your attention to the street and out of your head.  They say something about the area that created them.  The show that people care and this is a part of their home. They add value to the homes around them.  They're a great landmark for giving directions.  

They don't slow down emergency vehicles.  They don't rack your suspension. They don't make you speed up between them.  They probably encourage you to slow down in the entire neighborhood.  

All wins, no losses, low cost.  Kudos to Seminole Heights!

You can read more about this project in the Tampa Bay Times